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School Contacts

Main Phone: 650-632-8300
Fax: 650-632-8339

Staff Directory

Name Role Room Email
Brady, Jenny Teacher, Grade 4/5 rm 1 [email protected]

Bruzzone, James

Theater Teacher


[email protected]

Cheatham, Marianne Teacher, Grade 5 rm 12 [email protected]
Crettol, Jennifer Teacher, Grade 5 rm 15 [email protected]
Fischer, Colyn Orchestra, Music Fundamentals, 4/5 orch [email protected]
Gotelli, Katie Para Educator  

Green, Sarah

Band Director


Hultgren, Katie


Jobak, Julie Counselor  
Lamb, Talia Teacher, Grade 4 rm 7

McGuirk, Christi

PE Teacher


[email protected]


School Psychologist


[email protected]

Molero, Rosa  Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Murphy, Shelli Teacher, Grade 5 rm 18 [email protected]
Murray, Nicole Teacher, Grade 4 rm 8 [email protected]
Naughton, Angela Teacher, Grade 5 rm 17 [email protected]
Olazar, Tracey Secretary   [email protected]
Robinson, Michelle Teacher, Grade 5 rm 11 [email protected]
Romero, Gustavo Custodian   [email protected]
Rodriguez, Arnoldo Custodian   [email protected]

Sales, Michelle (Pastor)

Teacher, Grade 4

rm 16

[email protected]

Sevilla, Sheila Teacher, Grade 4 rm 10 [email protected]
Shelton, Mindy Principal Office

Sibley, Brooke

Reading Specialist

rm 2
Skinner, Jamie Teacher, Grade 4 rm 9
Tumolo, Annick
Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)
Ulrich, Zach


More information about our staff and teacher teams can be found on the Staff page.