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Art in Action at Arroyo


Art In ActionParent volunteers lead lively discussions about artwork done by great artists and civilizations to enhance students’ appreciation of art and its history. Students learn art concepts and techniques used in a masterpiece to create their own original art. In the spring, students have the opportunity to showcase a selected artwork in the Open House Art Show. Additional parent volunteers assist with scheduling, setup, cleanup and supporting students with the creative process. 


This page contains the following information:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Art in Action Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grade
  • Training
  • Contacts

Volunteer Opportunities

Art in Action is run by parent volunteers. All Volunteers are required to be vaccinated and fill out the SCSD Volunteer Request form as outlined on the Volunteer Opportunities page. 


To sign up for any of the following Art in Action volunteer roles, please indicate your interest by going to the Signup.com page for your child's classroom on the Volunteer Opportunities page.


Once you have indicated your interest, you will be contacted later to sign up for a particular lesson. 


Classroom Coordinator

Coordinators do the behind-the-scenes work! Tasks include working with the teacher and AiA School Coordinators on managing the lesson schedule, making sketchbooks, sending reminders to volunteers about upcoming lessons, organizing student art, and helping hang student art at the show in May. 

  • Time commitment: 10 hours for the year  
  • Vaccination required


To provide Art in Action in your child’s classroom at least 1 classroom coordinator is required. 



Docents teach the art lesson in the classroom. The docent is the leader of the lesson, which involves watching the training video, gathering the supplies, leading the art history component, teaching the art techniques and returning items to the art closet. Online training, access to Art in Action teacher/docent website and presentations from previous Arroyo docents are available. 

  • Time commitment: 2.5-3 hours per lesson
  • Lessons per year: 7-8 (sign up for 1 or more)
  • Vaccination required


Classroom Helpers

Helpers come to assist on the day of the lesson! Tasks include assisting the docent, handing out supplies, and cleaning up.

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per lesson

Lessons per year:  7-8 (sign up for 1 or more)

Vaccination required



Art in Action CurriculumArt In Action Inspired by Picasso


4th Grade: Modern Art

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Picasso, Rivera and O’Keeffe, students study how abstraction can emphasize feelings and ideas. Projects range from sculpting clay figures to creating murals to making wire action sculptures. 



5th Grade: American Art

From Colonial times to pop art, students explore how artists depict different periods in American history by creating their own prints, sculptures and paintings while studying artists like Copley, Homer, Ringgold and Audubon.





Art in Action has an extensive website with videos and guidelines for each lesson. In addition, past docents at Arroyo have created presentations that you can use for your lesson. 


Art in Action also offers online Zoom training with Art in Action instructors. Here you will learn together with other parents about each lesson in the grade levels curriculum. 


For more information and to sign up for training go to: https://teach.artinaction.org/workshops/




4th Grade Art in Action Coordinators: Brooke Sibley, [email protected]; Rasa Virbicke, [email protected]
5th Grade Art in Action Coordinators: Jen Liao, [email protected]; Rasa Virbicke, [email protected]

Art in Action website: artinaction.org

For username and passcode to access the online lessons, please contact the coordinators above.