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The following is an overview of the rich and diverse programs at Arroyo*. If you would like to volunteer for these programs, please go to our Volunteer Opportunities page to view current volunteer opportunities and signup.

After School Care

Afterschool Care Enrichment, also known as ACE is a new, licensed After School program (pending licensing) founded by Eve Daskalakis who has served families in the San Carlos Childcare Community since 2008. ACE will provide a familiar family-oriented program where students feel safe, at home, challenged, and excited to be a part of each day.

Throughout Distance Learning ACE will be offering a full day distance learning support and care program that aligns with the schedule the district has assigned, in addition to following county and licensing guidelines, including all COVID-19 sanitization protocols. ACE will provide care to all families while taking into consideration employees of the San Carlos school district, essential workers, and those required to go leave the home for work. We will structure our enrollment based on these priorities while taking every family into account. Please see the following care options offered dependent on school schedules. ACE is currently enrolling in Distance Learning Care Program.

Distance Learning Care Program


Full Time

Part Time

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 5 days a week

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 2 days (M/W or T/Th) + alternating Fridays

Registration $200.00

Registration $200.00

Monthly $1950.00 (August $900)

Monthly $975.00 (August $450.00)

Ratio: 12 Students to 2 Staff Cohorts

Ratio: 12 Students to 2 Staff Cohorts

Care will be structured based on the needs of San Carlos families.

When schools resume in-person learning, ACE will switch to a Hybrid Care A/B Block Schedule. We will offer a full-day program from 8:00am-5:00pm on the days your child does NOT attend school while providing a three-hour window to support distance learning in addition to our enrichment programming. In addition, on the school day where all children are distance learning, we will rotate care for each block bi-weekly.

Hybrid Care A/B Block Schedule Program

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 2 days a week (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thurs) and alternating Fridays 

Registration Fee: $200

Monthly Fee: $975 (August $450.00)

Ratio: 12 Students : 2 Staff Cohorts

To Pre-register, please click the link below which will direct you to our childcare software program ProCare. Please fill out and submit a pre-registration form.

Arroyo Registration


After you submit your pre-registration, Afterschool Care Enrichment will contact you via email by sending registration forms via DocuSign. You will then need to complete these forms and submit your registration fee of $200.00 in addition to August tuition. 


Please visit the ACE website for detailed program information at www.acesancarlos.com or feel free to reach out to Eve Daskalakis directly at:
Email: eve@acesancarlos.com 
Phone: 650-931-4007



Parent volunteers lead lively discussions about artwork done by great artists and civilizations to enhance student's appreciation of art and its history. Students learn art concepts and techniques used in a masterpiece to create their own original art. In the spring, students have the opportunity to showcase a selected artwork in the Open House Art Show. Additional parent volunteers assist with set up, clean up and supporting students with the creative process.  Please sign up to lead or helper in the classroom or learn more about the program by contacting Christen Hanson christenhanson@gmail.com.

Social Emotional Learning

Our students at Arroyo will have access to learning and practicing a variety of social-emotional tools that will help foster a positive and caring school climate. The School Counselor, Teachers, and Administrators are working together to guide learners through three complementary programs: Second Step, Digital Passport and Restorative Practices. For more information, visit the Counselor's Corner page.

The Arroyo Garden

The Arroyo Garden is a 4,000 square foot interactive, outdoor learning space that brings 4th and 5th grade curriculum to life— from science to social studies, to reading and real-world problem solving. Through their garden work, Arroyo students will develop their leadership skills and deepen their understanding of environmental stewardship. Best of all, the garden space is a fun, quiet place for meeting, reading, reflection and discovery.  [Read More]

Band, Orchestra and Music

SCEF makes music possible at Arroyo! 4th Grade students have the opportunity to learn Music Fundamentals as a part of their elective wheel.  This class will be taught by our music staff and will prepare them to select an instrument to play beginning in 5th grade. Band and Orchestra are A/B day electives available to 5th graders. Students who have already signed up for this elective have received the following information.  5th Grade students will also participate in Choir through Music for Minors as a part of their Wednesday enrichment program. Arroyo Band Syllabus 2019-2020

Fitness and Wellness

The 4th and 5th grade Fitness and Wellness program at Arroyo is an integral part of the total educational experience. Our well-balanced program provides students the opportunity to strengthen their physical, mental, emotional, and social skills through intentionally developed and age appropriate curriculum.


The students will be assessed on these four categories:

  • Interpersonal Skills(You) - I participate in activities, try my best, and challenge myself.
  • Intrapersonal Skills(Others) - I follow procedures, work collaboratively with others and encourage others to do their best.
  • Skill Performance - I can demonstrate appropriate skills and movements in the units we are learning.
  • Understanding and Applying Concepts and Principles - I can identify, explain, and apply principles of fitness and wellness in the units we are learning.

If you have questions or concerns, the best way to start communication is through email. Go Eagles!

Nick Lamb - nlamb@scsdk8.org


The Makerspace is a teacher-led creative class where students learn competency skills that they can use on their own passion projects. 4th Grade students visit the Makerspace for one trimester as part of the Exploratory Wheel.  5th Graders will visit with their classroom teachers.

Student-Led Clubs

Student-led lunchtime clubs are a favorite for Arroyo Eagles! Students create new clubs each year based on their interests. Club ideas are presented to the Principal for approval and need an adult sponsor to be implemented. Last year’s clubs, included art, hair design, friendship and board games. We look forward to introducing new lunchtime clubs and intramural sport programs with your help this year. Visit SignUp.com to volunteer or arroyo.school.questions@scsdk8.org with questions.

Hot Lunch

All families in SCSD can set up an account and order lunches from our school lunch vendor, Choicelunch, using the ordering site at LunchIsServed. Even if you don’t plan on ordering lunch for your child(ren) right away, it’s best to have an account registered for every child in case they ever forget a lunch or need an extra lunch for any reason. You can choose to load money onto the account when you’re ready to place your orders. The PTA provides Hot Lunch Coordinators who hand out lunches to students once or twice a month. Ask your Room Parent about volunteer needs or contact our Hot Lunch Coordinator, Jennifer Pedrotti, at jenniferpedrotti74@gmail.com.

Spirit Wear

Go Arroyo Eagles!  Stock up now on youth and adult Arroyo spirit gear.  These items are available only twice a year- now and mid-spring so don't miss out.  Shop on our PTAEZ school store by our final fall deadline of Friday, September 6th, 2019.  Orders will be delivered to your child's classroom by the first week of October.  Confused about sizing? Be sure to stop by the spirit gear tables during Welcome Week where samples of all sizes and styles will be available to try on.  Questions? Contact Jen Holmes  at  jzholmes@yahoo.com.

Staff Appreciation

Our staff appreciation team treats the Arroyo teachers and staff to monthly lunches to say thank you for all they do! Look for sign-up requests in the Eagle Eye Newsletter for these Wednesday lunches and for Staff Appreciation week May 11-15th. For more information, contact Angie Jones at angiejones1999@gmail.com.


Arroyo Yearbooks are a great way to capture school year memories! Place your order at Jostens.com. Yearbooks are $25 each and will be delivered the final week of school.