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Arroyo Eagle Times Newspaper

The Arroyo Eagle Times started in the fall when a group of students in Ms. Sevilla's class expressed interest in starting a newspaper. Ms. Sevilla was a teacher adviser for a school newspaper written by 4th-6th graders when she taught in Southern California and she loved doing it. The students needed an adviser for the newspaper club and Ms. Sevilla was glad to do it. They started in the fall and have been meeting weekly throughout the year. Mr. Alexander helped as well and showed them how to use Pages which they are using to publish the newspaper. 
The students in the newspaper club are:
Sarina Binetti
Molly Birbach
Emma Dougherty
Sydney Grodin
Keiran Hennelly
Ashleigh Humbert
Elise Leparmentier
Alisa Portner
Hadley Ryan
Karan Sangani
Gio Trionfi
Jada Williams
Anna Ypodimatopoulou
The newspaper have published four papers during the 2018-2019 school year: