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Policies and Procedures


The following are the policies and procedures from the Arroyo Handbook, including:

School Visitors

All visitors are required to check in and out at the office during school hours and wear a visitor badge while on campus. All visitors and volunteers must be cleared through the district volunteer process. More information can be found on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

Homework Policy

The San Carlos School District has been actively involved in rethinking the homework policy in our school system. This has led to the passage of our new Homework policy by the SCSD board. This policy supports the following practices for our 4th and 5th graders:

  • Students (with the assistance of their teacher) will be encouraged to create personalized ‘at-home learning’ goals, which will also complement and deepen their in class learning experiences
  • Students will be encouraged to work independently or collaboratively on activities that will enhance an assigned piece of writing, experiment or project
  • Students are expected to engage in daily reading, which is considered key to each child’s long-term success as a learner
  • Students are expected to engage in near-daily Math practice and/or problem solving, as assigned by the teacher or further extended by the student (which might include online programs such as Khan Academy, Front Row, etc.)

In other words, we are finding ways to give students homework that makes sense. Ultimately, we want students to strengthen their academic skills but not at the expense of exploring extracurricular passions, connecting with friends and family, relaxing, eating and sleeping.

Attendance Policies

Punctual and regular attendance is extremely important for a student to be successful at school. Additionally, due to current funding laws for public schools, absences cause schools to lose funding for the day, regardless of whether these absence was excused or unexcused.

  • Absences

If a student is absent for any reason, a parent/guardian must inform the school office as soon as possible by calling the main office at 650-632-8300. This year especially, it is critical that you share the reason for the absence so that our school secretary can help you understand the protocols that need to be followed for a safe return to school.

  • Truancy
A student who misses school entirely or a portion of the day without appropriate permission is considered truant. Truancy is a serious offense. If three or more days are missed and not excused, a letter will be sent home explaining the next steps in the process.
  • Tardiness
All students are required to be on time to school. Students are also expected to be on time to classes throughout the day. If a student is struggling with being on time to school or to his/her classes, the Arroyo school staff will discuss the problem and support the student to improve this behavior. If a student has 3 or more 30 minute or greater unexcused tardies, this is considered to be a truancy issue and thus will be addressed with a letter home outlining the next steps in the process to support the student.
  • Appointments during the school day
If a student must leave school during the day for any reason, a parent/guardian will need to make this request and inform the school office. When leaving school, a parent/guardian must sign out the student in the office. If the student returns to school after the appointment, a parent/guardian will need to sign the student back into class.

Dress Code

The purpose of this dress code is to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for students at Arroyo School.

  • Clothing should be comfortable, appropriate for outdoor play and not distract from learning. Clothing with inappropriate themes is not permitted.
  • Safe shoes should be worn daily – no flip-flops, wheelies, platform shoes or dress shoes. Tennis shoes are highly recommended!
  • Caps, hats and sunglasses may be worn outdoors only.
  • Jewelry and accessories can be distracting in class and are not recommended.

Health Policy

All injuries should be reported to a teacher or staff member. If a student becomes ill at school, he/she should report to the office after informing his/her teacher. The office personnel will assess the student and contact parents/guardians if the student needs to be sent home. If a student needs to take any form of medication at school, a signed authorization from the physician and medication in the original prescription container must be provided to the office. Over the counter medication is NOT available in the office. Students with special medical conditions or physical injuries that impact participation in P.E. must have a note brought to the office indicating what the student can and cannot do.

Wellness Policy

In order to create a more rigorous teaching and learning environment, and to promote better health and inclusion, we will follow the Wellness Policy established by SCSD. Research indicates that healthier bodies, minds, emotions, and environments lead to more positive school and life learning and experiences. Arroyo fully supports all avenues for increasing student success.  We summarize below the main points of our Wellness Policy:

  • Food will not be used as reward or punishment
  • Junk foods (candy, soda, chips, gum, etc.) are discouraged for snacks or lunches
  • Students will be recognized on their birthdays with special Arroyo non-food related items.  Please do not bring food to school to celebrate birthdays.

Technology Policy

All students are expected to handle school equipment with care and respect. Technology provides important educational tools, yet also requires some oversight. Strong software filters and teacher/staff supervision will be in place during Internet use. All student technology (including but not limited to cell phones and smart watches) shall be turned off while on campus and use is not allowed, except with staff permission. Inappropriate use or handling of technology equipment while on campus or field excursions may elicit disciplinary action. Students may open their email accounts for at-school use (required for some programs we use, such as Google Docs). If you have questions about this, please refer to the District’s Board Policy on Student Use of Technology, or speak with your child’s teacher.

Emergency Drills

Emergency drills will be conducted monthly throughout the school year. All students are expected to listen to instructions, to follow established protocols, and to conduct themselves in a most respectful manner. Any parents/visitors on campus during a drill must participate.


In the event of an emergency situation, Arroyo and CMS both have emergency/safety plans to ensure the safety of the students and adults. Arroyo and CMS share a well-stocked emergency shed, including water, food, and medical supplies. Additionally, the campus is connected by emergency radio with the SCSD district office, and the other school campuses for coordination purposes. Both Arroyo and CMS coordinate emergency drills so that all students and adults are trained to respond to an emergency.