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Upper Elementary Philosophy

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4th and 5th Graders are beyond pre-K-3rd learners, but they don’t yet have the adolescent development needs of middle school learners. During this unique learning stage, students are:

  • Strengthening their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development
  • Deepening skills in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science to use these skills in challenging projects and tasks
  • Ready to design, “make,” build, and innovate; solve problems, persevere, and think creatively
  • Thinking concretely, with new ability to apply logic, reasoning and consider multiple perspectives
  • Strengthening conversation and argumentation skills, which will help them share findings and perspectives in articulate, evidence-based ways
  • Increasing their understanding of what it takes to become well-rounded citizens and stewards


With specific learners in mind:

  • Transitional “upper elementary” schools support a unique group of learners between pre-K-3rd and 6th-8th grade students.
  • Designed with flexibility and collaboration in mind, helping children take the next leap forward as leaders and learners
  • Include more physical challenges and opportunities, including organized and free-form play
  • Offer opportunities to develop communication and collaboration skills, by participating in a variety of activities and projects where students can learn to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Leadership skills are intentionally created for students to explore, in service to the school and local community