Stampede and Soar is Sunday, April 10!

Event Details     

  • Sunday, April 10th from 9am - 11am
  • Central/Arroyo Campus
  • 1.5 mile laps through 4 color stations
  • Run/walk one or two laps
  • DJ music and food for purchase 
  • Liquid food-grade color provided by Chameleon Color




When and where do I show up?

Meet at the blacktop between Central and Arroyo on Sunday, April 10th.  Find the sign with your grade level.  Students will be released by grade level, with the 8th graders starting first.  Parents and younger siblings will start last.  The race will begin promptly at 9 AM, so arrive early--no later than 8:45!


What should I wear?

Please wear your race t-shirt.  Though the color usually washes off, we recommend wearing clothing/shoes that you don’t mind getting stained.  Sunglasses are recommended to avoid getting color in eyes.  We recommend washing color off promptly, as the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to remove.  Please bring a change of clothes or towels to protect your car as well.    


Where should I park?

There will be limited  PARKING in the Arroyo or Central parking lots.  We need the space for our runners.  Please park on the streets around Arroyo or CMS or walk or bike to the event.


What will the run be like?

The run will start at Central, continue on sidewalks on streets around the school, proceed through Burton park, and then end at Arroyo.  There will be 4 color stations throughout the course.  There will be course monitors along the route to help manage street crossings and make sure participants stay on the course.  You may wish to bring your own water bottle.


Is this race competitive?

No! This race is untimed and non-competitive.  It is a chance to have fun and spend time with other Central and Arroyo families.


Do I have to run?  Do I have to do 2 laps?

No!  Run/walk 1 or 2 laps.  No wheels or animals, please.  The starting line will close at 10:00am .  If you wish to run through twice, you need to start your second lap before then. 


What do I do after the run?

Join us for DJ and Kona shave ice and possible breakfast food for purchase following the event on the blacktop by Arroyo picnic tables and in the Arroyo parking lot. Field games will be set up on the grass.


Is the color safe?

Yes, we are using FD&C and/or D&C grade liquid color from Chameleon Colors. Colors may cause temporary stain on skin; wash with soap and water.  Colors are meant for external use only.    


Will the color stay in my race shirt?

Probably not, as the colors are designed to be washable.  Some runners have managed to keep some of the color by spraying the shirt with a mixture of vinegar and salt and allowing it to dry before washing.  


Where should I meet up with my child if we get separated?  

We recommend making the DJ booth a meeting spot, so the DJ can make an announcement to help you locate one another if needed.


If you are interested in helping with this event, please sign up here!

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