Arroyo Eagle Eye - 8/11/19

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The first day of school is almost here! I hope that you all had a fun and relaxing summer and you’re ready for the new school year to begin. I know I am!  I couldn’t be more excited to join the Arroyo community and I look forward to getting to know all of you throughout the year.

I’ll be sharing more about our school and myself soon but for now, here is some important information to help us kick off the school year.  There is a lot of information here so please take the time to read and digest it and make a note of the important dates at the bottom of this message. 

Welcome Week Events:

We want Arroyo to feel like a home away from home for you and your child.  In an effort to build community and make sure everyone feels welcomed, the PTA and I have been hard at work this summer coordinating some special activities for the first week of school.  Please take a moment to read all the details below and plan to join us for as much as possible.  

Please join us for Arroyo Day on Monday, August 19 from 4:00-6:00 pm.  Classroom  assignments will be given out at the event.  Come meet other families from your class, PTA leaders from our school, and others from the community.  We’ll have food trucks, music, Arroyo spirit wear for sale and volunteer sign-ups.  Classroom assignments will be emailed out later that evening for those who can’t make it.  Please note, no changes will be made to class placements in the first 10 days of school. 

Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 21, a minimum day (8:35-1:10).   If you arrive early, please stay on the blacktop/playground area (and take advantage of our selfie spot) as teachers will be preparing their classrooms right up until the bell and will meet students out on the blacktop.  When the bell rings at 8:35, please say goodbye to your child and linger by the lunch tables for some coffee and mingling with other parents.  This is another great opportunity to sign up to volunteer at school.  Your participation is crucial for many of our school programs (not to mention what it does for your child!) so we hope you’ll get involved and find ways to contribute.  

On Friday, August 23, the PTA will be sponsoring an assembly on goal setting with Jim WiltensParents are invited to attend the assembly from 11:00-12:00 and then stay for lunch as another opportunity to get to know members of the community.  

Arroyo’s Back to School Night is Tuesday August 27th from 6:00-7:30 pm. (Parents Only)  Please join us at 6:00 in the Arroyo Learning Commons to hear about our school-wide goals and programs.  You’ll then have the opportunity to visit your children’s classrooms and hear from their teachers from 6:30-7:30.  Please note: in order to support teachers’ preparation for school we will have a minimum day on Friday August 30th with dismissal at 1:10.


School Information, Procedures & Reminders:


Safety is especially important at the beginning and end of the school day.  Please take a moment to review our Getting to School and Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures and follow all of the guidelines laid out.  These are busy times of day for all of us so please practice extra patience and caution, especially when driving on or near our campus.  

As you plan your route to school, please consider encouraging your student to walk or bike to school as often as possible.  Not only does it reduce traffic congestion around the campus (thereby increasing safety), but it’s also a great opportunity for students to start and end their day with some physical activity, as well as allowing for some great social interaction.  We encourage students to use the buddy system and pair up with other students who live nearby.  

Bike and scooter parking is located near the portables on the Woodland/Chestnut side of the campus.  Scooters and skateboards may be stored in our transportation shed.  For bikes we recommend investing in an inexpensive lock that can be used to attach their bike to the bike rack. 

Daily Bell Schedule

School starts at 8:35 every day with dismissal at 3:10 every day but Wednesday which has an early release at 1:10.  We’re still making a few tweaks to our daily bell schedule in order to align with Central Middle School.  I will attach a link and update the website as soon as we have it ready to go.  Start and end times will not change.  

Snack & Lunch

Students will have a 20 minute morning recess each day.  This is an important time for students to socialize, move their bodies, and refuel.  Students should bring a healthy snack to school each day to eat at that time.

Later in the day, students will have a 40 minute lunch break including dedicated time for both eating and playing.  If you send a lunch from home, please consider reusable containers (labeled with your child’s name), and take a moment to review with your students what parts of their lunch waste will go to landfill, recycle, or compost when they are finished eating at school. To register with our Lunch Vendor and begin selecting lunches for your student, please visit our School Lunch Program webpage.


There are many ways to stay connected here at Arroyo.  Please review the Guide to Communications to learn more. Watch your email every Sunday morning for the Arroyo Eagle Eye newsletter.  In next week’s newsletter you will receive a link to the Arroyo Brochure/Parent Guide, as well as the Arroyo Parent Handbook.  Please bookmark our Arroyo School Website to stay up to date.  If you cannot find something you are looking for, please contact our front office.

School Supplies

The San Carlos School District and the Arroyo/CMSl PTA continue to be committed to providing the necessary school supplies for each student in order to ensure that all students have equal access to educational opportunities. There is no need to fill backpacks with new school supplies. However, we can always use more supplies. Our grade levels have put together a list of supplies that they need consistently. If you would like to donate, please just deliver them to the office and they will be shared with teachers. As always, parents can also help provide classroom supplies and field trip funds by supporting SCEF and our Arroyo/CMS PTA.


As I mentioned earlier, we rely heavily on our parent volunteers to run many of the programs that make our community special.  Please consider signing up to be a Class Room Parent, Art in Action Docent, garden volunteer, committee chair/member, or lunchtime helper.  More information will be available at our Welcome Week events or you are welcome to reach out to me, your child’s teacher, or our PTA leaders any time to find out how you can get involved.  

PTA Membership

We have one PTA that serves both CMS and Arroyo and we welcome your partnership. Your PTA membership, volunteer hours, and donations support teacher grants, library, Art-in-Action, Garden and other programs and events. We couldn’t do it without our Parent Partners. Thank you! Please join us for our first PTA meeting on Wednesday, 9/11 at 8:45 am in the Library.

Cell Phone Policy: Supporting our culture of social development

As part of our culture, we expect students to be fully present in the moment, be aware of their environment and each other, even to happily cross the playground to speak with one another. To promote these behaviors, cell phones must be turned off and be out of sight in backpacks once students arrive on campus. If a student needs to reach you or you need to reach them, we will use the school phones: (650) 632-8300. Please create a contact for Arroyo on your own cell phones, so you recognize us if we call you, thank you!

Reinforcing Expected Behaviors Home and School

Our culture promotes behaviors that are Responsible (aware that our choices affect others), Respectful (considerate of others’ perspectives), and Safe (aware of our surroundings, making safe choices). Please consider using this language when you work with your students at home this year, thank you!

Arroyo Staff

We are thrilled to welcome back many of our Arroyo staff members.  You can learn more about them on our website (updates are in progress).  While we had to say goodbye to a few beloved staff members at the end of last year, we are thrilled to welcome our new staff to the team.  Our 4th grade team includes Nicole Murray, Kirsty Mooney, and Sheila Sevilla.  They will be joined by Talia Lamb (who comes to us after many years as a 6th grade teacher at Central Middle School), and Jamie Skinner (who served as a long term substitute and student teacher at both Arroyo and Mariposa).  In 5th grade we welcome back Jennifer Crettol, Marianne Cheatham, Michelle Robinson, Angela Naughton, and Shelli Murphy.  Our Education Specialists Miriam Seigel-Stern and Jenny Brady provide additional support to students through both push-in and pull-out support programs.  

One of the most unique advantages of our upper elementary schools is being able to draw upon the expertise of our middle school staff.  In an upcoming newsletter I will introduce the PE and elective teachers that will be working with Arroyo this year.  


We look forward to working with you and your students at Arroyo!



Mindy Shelton, Principal

Dates to Remember



Event Details

Thursday, Aug. 15

7:00-10:00 pm

PTA Social at Kirsten Kell’s home (Parents Only)  Details & RSVP here.

Monday, Aug 19

4:00-6:00 pm

Arroyo Day on the Arroyo blacktop (class assignments, food trucks & fun!)

Wednesday, Aug. 21

8:35 am-1:10 pm

First Day of School - parents stay for coffee

Friday, August 23

11:00 am-12:40 pm

Jim Wiltens goal setting assembly (Mustang Hall) and parent lunch (CMS/AYO Library)

Tuesday, August 27

6:00-7:30 pm 

Back to School Night (Parents Only)

Friday, August 30

8:35 am-1:10 pm

Minimum Day

Monday, September 2

All Day

No School - Labor Day

Wednesday, September 11

8:45 am

PTA Meeting (CMS/AYO Library)

Friday, September 27

All Day

Picture Day at Arroyo

Sunday, September 29


San Carlos Day of Service

October 2-8

8:35 am-1:10 pm

Minimum Days for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Sunday, October 6


Stampede & Soar